Patricia Brennock AFA MIPA ACoI, Director of the Employment Rights Assessment Statement

Patricia Brennock, Director of the Employment Rights Assessment (ERA), explains why the Community Interest Company has chosen the route to engage with UKAS to achieve a government-backed accreditation.

“The team at ERA are asked this question many times especially from the recruitment sector” explains Patricia.

“When developing ERA, it became clear from our research and discussions with recruitment agencies, umbrella companies, and government agencies, that the employment industry wanted a transparent, robust and impartial certification. From these discussions came the call for a fair and level playing field eliminating obstruction to entry to the market place. The need for “open to all at a competitive financial cost” was a comment we met time and time again.

Out of all this ERA services, the Employment Rights Assessment Services emerged. We listened to our markets, we listened to its needs and it became clear that if we were to do this, it would have to be with the highest level of governance possible. Our research told us that having a UKAS backed accreditation scheme would give us the level of governance we sought and this was openly welcomed and encouraged by all the parties we engaged with.

UKAS is the only UK Government appointed organisation for recognized accreditations. UKAS holds an important role within the BEIS who are its sponsors. UKAS also assists organisations to develop accreditation systems if the organisation can demonstrate a solid business case for such an accolade. Its scheme owners must uphold the highest levels of independence and transparency leaving no doubt that every participant is treated fairly.

Working with UKAS is highly challenging and rewarding. As we proceed through the scheme ERA is subjected to the utmost scrutiny to ensure that we uphold transparency, integrity and impartiality at all times.

ERA examines all aspects of employment rights from minimum wage, holiday pay, modern slavery, and confirmation that all taxes are paid appropriately and on time”

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  • P. Brennock AFA MIPA ACoI. Director.