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Benefits of ERA Services

Why join the ERA Services programme?


Awareness of all your Employer responsibilities across all contracts


Demonstrate first class compliance across the supply chain


Employment excellence with new & existing employees


Avoid costly fines, lengthy tribunals and risks of non-compliance

UKAS is the UK government’s accreditation body and the only accreditation system officially recognised by the UK government (and other European countries). Set up under UK statute in 1995 under a European Commission directive and thereafter under ‘Brexit’ transition arrangements will remain Britain’s only statutory accreditation body.

Future proofed

Unlike any other certification ERA Services is based on existing employment laws and plans for change in 2020. The only time any other changes will be made to the requirements for ERA Services certification is when they are agreed by the government and a date for them to come into effect is decided. This means changes will not be made based on our own thoughts and ideas. We are currently working undergoing assessment with UKAS as we want to show that these standards are accredited by a government body.

Becoming certified with ERA Services will show that you meet all standards and more.

Unique in the industry, ERA Services is Currently undergoing independent 3rd party assessment by UKAS, Britain’s only accreditation body. This demonstrates our commitment to complete impartiality and the adoption of rigorous standards accredited by a government body.
Working with ERA will ensure that you have no knowledge gaps, highlighting areas for improvement to guarantee compliance and minimise business risks.

Affordable for all

Our fee structure is based on turnover and is designed to be affordable. ERA Services supports its certification activities with funds received from its clients and in line with its responsibilities as a Community Interest Company (C.I.C.) as laid out in the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Show your success

Upon completion not only will you get a physical certificate but also a digital icon for use on your website and other digital marketing. Plus, your name will be added to our page of Current Holders as further proof of your standards.

Straightforward Process

With an easy to navigate process, we aim to make the journey to certification easy to understand and straightforward to complete.

Additional Evaluation

Additional Evaluation tasks charged a minimum of £500 per day plus applicable expenses

Annual Turnover (£)

3 Million ≤

3 to 5 Million

5 to 7.5 Million

7.5 to 10 Million

10 to 25 Million

25 to 50 Million

50 to 100 Million

Every 25 Million thereafter

Fee (£)








additional 500


Annual Review Cost (£)








additional 150

Price excludes VAT”

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