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We aim to cause as little disruption as possible as we know that you are busy with your work. The longest part of the process will be the collation of documents required for the questionnaire, but we will give you all the time you need to do this; send them to us when you are ready.

Following receipt of the questionnaire and documentation, the auditor would reach out to organise a convenient date for your audit ‘visit’.

If we were to visit your premises, we would aim to complete the audit in one to two days.  As we cannot currently conduct an on-site visit, we will communicate with you and organise a few brief Zoom meetings in a day to ask you some questions, Sample some evidence and observe certain processes. These may be delegated to relevant members of your team should you wish and will be arranged when it is convenient for you and your team.

Our aim is to have your ERA journey completed in 2 months.

Stage 1 – Online forms and information

Stage 2 – Questionnaire and payment

Stage 3 – Audit (This includes communications prior for setting up dates and itinerary – currently all done via video call)

Stage 4 – Final decision

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